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Mistakenly mentioned relevant exp in DS-157

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  • Mistakenly mentioned relevant exp in DS-157


    I'm working for one of the top Indian IT companies. In mid 2005 when i applied for L1 Blanket, 221(g) was given and it was mentioned that the "petitioner has not applied L1 individual". The consular asked me to get back with fresh application and L1 individual docs. I could not apply for the L1 individual at that time as i had completed only 10 months in the current company.
    At the time of applying, in DS-157 i had only mentioned the relevant experience (software) of my first and third company, with the second company being of non-software experience. In the process i made some changes to the dates of employment for the third company, to make up for the lost time (stupid move i'm regretting for).
    I'm now applying for B1. Since they keep track of all previous applications, is it OK for me change the DS-157 to the actual experience ? Or is there a way out of this messy situation ? Pls suggest what could be the best solution.

    Note: I'm also planing to apply for H1 in the next quota



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    Somebody pls help me. I'm thinking about putting the right experience in DS-157. Will this cause a visa rejection ? Is there any way out ?


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      If you are thinking about putting the right experience in DS-157, that will cause a visa rejection. Take help of a lawyer.
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