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B1 rejected in April attempting again please help!!!!

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  • B1 rejected in April attempting again please help!!!!

    Hi Guys,

    This is Maddy,I got my B1 visa rejected in April'06 at Chennai consulate under 214(b).On Dec 12th i am attempting again.Could you please help me any questions that they would ask.

    LAst time my questions as follows:
    1)since how long you are working with your company(my answer is 8 months)
    2)why u want to travel to US(my answer is to gather the requirements i am going)
    3)How many days u want to stay there(i told 8 weeks)
    4)He asked again why u need 8 weeks(I explained the current situation of the project and need of 8 weeks)
    5)He asked show me your Invitation letter(I had given the letter to him)

    FInally he typed some thing there in the system and told me at this circumstances we can't issue a visa and given a refusal letter of 214(b).

    What are the precautions that i need to take care for this time.And i would like to know the answers for the below questions.

    What is the purpose of your trip:
    Why u have rejected first time:
    Could any one let me know wha are the questions that we can expect and the answers that i need to explain them.

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    this one is is hard to believe that a person with less than a year on a job suddenly "has to" spend 2 months in the US on some "project." Most likely you will be working and then looking for a way to stay in the don't have enough time on your present job for the consuls to believe that you have any equity in your job....and no matter what kind of letter the company or business in the US writes, it won't change the basic facts.