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221(g)-urgent advice needed please

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  • 221(g)-urgent advice needed please

    someone please answer me regarding this.

    i appeared for a b1/b2 visa in new delhi and got a 221(g) as there was a missing the problem is-the one year period of my visa fee receipt on which i went has expired,even before i could reappear again for the interview. this happened bcos i could get the missing document only now,after the validity period of my visa fee receipt got i think i need to pay the visa application fee again and then schedule an interview.
    1)can i take the old 221(G) letter when i goes in for subsequent interview? (OR)
    2)does my old 221(G) status get cancelled and i have to start it all over again as if i am freshly applying for the first time.

    please reply fastly.thnx in advance.

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    221(g) problem


    221(g) letter is valid for one year. If you read below the last line of this hand out, you will notice the disclaimer that the "action on this case will be suspended if you do not get back with a years time of receiving the refusal"

    You can use the same 221(g) letter but with a newly purchased HDFC fee receipt. Intimate VFS of this issue only then after you obtain a visa they will send your Passport to the correct address.


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      one year to get a document???????????