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  • B1 to H1

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    even if you change your status from B1 to H1, you should attend the consular interview second time to get H1B visa stamped on ur passport.


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      Changing status is not a problem in US, the only thing is you will get a status change on your I-94 and not your passport. (you will have to send your
      I-94 with the B1 stamp while applying for the change of status and you will get a new I 94 with an H-1 stamp). In this situation, you will be fine as long as you are in the US. But if you have to travel home, you will have to deposit
      that I 94 while leaving US and will have to apply for an H-1 visa at home to be able to come back to US. At that point the embassy can quiz you on why you changed status when you initially went on a B1.
      (you may have lied applying for B1 when you already had an H-1 in mind)

      So, it is always better to get an H-1 stamp at home than change status
      as far as possible.
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        Which category of GC are you considering? Through family or through an employer?


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          Do you have parents,siblings,spouse who are either US citizens or Green card
          If yes, you can get a green card through them.

          if not, you should look for an employer who will file for your green card.
          The employer who filed for your H-1 can also file for your gc.
          But these days even employer filed gcs (depending on the category)have a wait of many years.

          The fastest way to get GC is to get married to a US citizen.