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H1B interview - Influence of B1

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  • H1B interview - Influence of B1

    Dear folks,

    Thanks everyone for their valuable time, it is really useful for many of people like me. I am really appreciating each and everyone putting their views here.

    I have a question:
    - I am holding B1 visa (10 yrs multiple entries), and came to USA for 3 times with all clean records
    - Now I am going to appear for H1B visa at Chennai Consulate in next month.
    - Do I have any problems since I came to USA on my B1 visa 3 times?
    - I would like to know whether it is a advantage to have B1 visa or does it have any -ve affects.
    - Also do you suggest to go for H1b interview in Canada or Mexico???

    I would really appreciate your suggestions and views. I thank you for your valuable time.

    This is kindaa urgent to me .. so please post your views...


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    The only effect B1 could have on H-1 is that if you overstayed.
    Since you did not overstay, there won't be any problems and H-1 will be
    judged entirely independent of B-1. You should apply for H-1 in your home country. that is the safest .


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      Thanks a lot peace, I really appreciate you.

      I am going to attend the interview in Home country itself (Chennai). I am only concerned about the delay factor, since my H1b has approved last August. Is there any adverse affects since I haven't applied till Mar 2007 (almost 6 -7 months gap).

      Please post your views.......

      Greatly apprciate your help..


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        I am not really sure about that. Check to make sure if there is a validity period on H-1 approval notice.


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          It has the validity from Nov 2006 to Nov 2009. So please post your views on this.

          Thanks a lot peace.. I appreciate your time...

          - Chandra