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b1 extention and change of status

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  • b1 extention and change of status


    my question is

    1. i have I130 pending and i am here on b1 visa and i have 3 months entry can i extend it as i want to stay here for some more time.

    2. my wife iis having green card can i change my status here.

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    1. You can try extension.
    2. So did you provide this information that your wife has green card or did you hide it in your DS-156 form for visitor's visa.


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      1) trying to extend a restricted I-94 stay (anything given for less than 6 months) is a VERY BAD idea.

      2) No, you can not adjust your status... not right now anwyays, you must wait until your priority date is current, which won't happen for 5-6 years.
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