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  • mariage in B1

    DEAR ALL, light me please ,
    i have a B1 visa , i went for business to the usa , i met someone wonderful there he is a ( brazilian),he is a legal worker in( lives there)usa , since 9 years now. there , we didn't decide nothing at the time(i stayed there for three monthes ), after i come back 4 monthes of distance now) ,we are still in touch and we became more confident , about getting married . i'm gona go back for business soon for a month. and we think that maybe we can do it there my questions are ,

    what's the right way to do it to not get in trouble ?

    - is there a way to get a green card after a mariage .
    -should i gow back to my home coutry after getting married .

    ( we tried to do it by him coming to my home country but for that he needs to come like 4 times and it's like really expensive , and take a crazy time to do it)

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    As the spouse of a green card holder, you would have a 5-6 year wait for a green card. You would not be allowed to live in the US unless you had a guest worker visa - H1B or L1.