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  • UK Transition

    hello !! i have another simple question for you:

    i'm flying to oklahoma for business next tow weeks , i ve already got a confirmation of my reservation by internet . the itenerary says that i need to transite by UK (heathrow airport) , from my home country , i need to spend one night at the airport to take the second day my flight to chicago and then another one to oklahoma. my question is /
    is it possible to BOOK that night in a hotel NEAR HEATROW airport . or do i need a transition visa for that ?

    thanks for you time

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    help please

    i really need help for my question ;

    thnks so much .


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      You probably WILL need a transit visa

      For such queries it is better if you clearly mention your citizenship and status in the US.
      Presuming that you are Indian and travelling on a B-1/B-2, you are very likely to need a transit visa for the UK. If you have a green card or H-1 you won't need it. Contact the nearest UK consulate or check their website. (enter the consulate name and google).
      If the transit visa is too much of a problem then change your booking to a direct flight to the US or via a country which is not so fussy about these things.


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        well i found out that yeah i actually need a transite visa for the uk just to stay for one night even i don't go out from the airport.i'm actually from a country that have to provide that kind of visas and to get one i need a lot of time not enough to go with my actual flight tickets . so i need to try to look for another intenerary with british airways with some other country that don't need a visa ,but it's not sure that i'll find one .

        anyways thanks alot for your answer you really avoid me to make a big mistake.