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When to submit Business Executive Programe Papers

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  • When to submit Business Executive Programe Papers

    Hi Forum Members,

    I attended B1 Visa interview 15 days ago, the counselor gave me blue sheet
    and asked me to courier Business Executive Program Folder and Covering letter...
    it was written like this
    After your visa interview, if you were found temporarily ineligible for a visa, you received a blue or pink Section 221(g) instruction sheet.

    If you received a blue sheet, the information on this page and in the case status report is not relevant to you. Instead, you will be contacted by the Consulate if and when further action is required. Please do not contact the Consulate.

    do I have to wait until the consulate approach our company or me to send BEP papers (or) do I have to send directly??

    Please guide me

    Thanks in advance

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    Check with the Visa team in your company