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Regarding B1 rejection and re-application

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  • Regarding B1 rejection and re-application

    Hi All,

    My B1 application was rejected in the last week of Oct 2008 just before diwali in mumbai consulate. Now I have again paid the fees and I will book interview date 2moro or day after.

    I had mentioned duration of stay as 3 Months and the purpose of travel as Requirement gathering for business analysis of new project. Whereas the Invitation letter that my employer sent mentioned only training on blah blah...Also he mentioned that all travelling, conveyance, staying and fooding expenses will be beared by the company.

    The question that officer asked were:

    Officer: What is the purpose of your travel?
    Me: Requirement Gathering and Training on blah blah...

    Officer:What will be the duration of stay?
    Me:4-5 Weeks

    The office immediately pointed that the duration in the form mentioned is 3 months. To which i replied as the validity of B1 is 3 months i mentioned the maximum.

    Then he asked what kind of work I do in my company and what is the current strength of company? I gave him the details. He also asked me about my earnings and CTC. I provided him the details.

    Then the officer asked whether I was married and I replied yes. Asked me about kids and I told I have 1 son.

    He thought for a few seconds and said under current circumstances I can not approve your application. If the circumstances change you can re apply.

    He then returned my passport and 214(B).

    What went wrong?

    My Analysis:
    1) The form mentioned 3 months duration of stay whereas I said 4-5 weeks.
    2) The form said purpose is travelling whereas in form it was mentioned as requirement gathering. And when i replied I combined both.

    We are planning to put purpose as training and requirement gathering and duration as 4 weeks this time. Will that help in convincing this time? Do i need to make any other changes?

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    What went wrong is you were unable to overcome the assumption of immigrant intent. 4-5 weeks vs 3 months may have caused it. I am not sure they can see that you have applied for H1 too.


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      Thanks Orion. Would anybody like to add something more. Does anyone has some tips to offer?