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Offer letter on B1 Visa.

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  • Offer letter on B1 Visa.

    A company suggested me to file my H1 in Apr 09. But for now they want me to come to US on B1 which i already have. The offer letter which they would be giving to me is of their US company.My query is:

    a) Since i am on B1 how can they provide me a offer letter of a US based company and is it valid??

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    Its illegal to work on B1 visa.


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      Any company can ...

      ... give you an offer letter. However, to be able to actually accept the offer and work in United States you need to have appropriate resident status like H1B, GC, etc.

      Take care.


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        Under no circumstances should you join this company. If they would suggest violating US law to get you into the ccountry, they would think nothing of violating US law when you are here.