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F1 Wife in US...B1 application rejected

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  • F1 Wife in US...B1 application rejected

    I am working in India and recently applied for B1 visa, which was rejected due to 214(b). My wife went for studying in the US last year and I have never been to the US before. During the interview I was asked for documents of my wife which I did not have. Her profile was looked up and it was observed that my wife has been in the US for quite sometime (she did her Masters from there for 2.5 yrs in an earlier trip). Finally I was told that I was not convincing enough of my return to India. I have a stable job in India and do not intend to leave it (especially given the current economic situation).

    Please let me know the kind of documents I should take with me for my next visa application and if it is wise to reapply for the visa immediately.