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Query related to Purpose of the trip selection in DS-160

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  • Query related to Purpose of the trip selection in DS-160


    Can anyone tell me if we have discrepanices between DS-160 travel category and Appointment travel category

    In DS-160 , I have opted as B1
    in Appointment i have opted as B1/B2 .

    I have the invitation letter from US company . So will I get visa wil be B1 or B1/B2 .

    can anyone help me on that

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    For business trip you should apply for B1 only & for tourism purpose you should apply for B2 only.

    Mostly if you apply for one visa you'll get both visas (i.e. B1/B2) stamped, if approved.

    Appointment won't matter much, so don't worry. DS160 should match with your primary purpose of visit.
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      You can easily assume a week time & also keep checking visa application online for status.

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