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US Business Visa - My first ever Visa application

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  • Libra_14
    Congratulations & glad I was able to help little bit.

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  • Gayathriv85

    Only few straight forward questions - The applicant before me got rejected, even before he could pack his documents and move, the VO said 'next'. I just nodded my head and waited for the guy to move. Then stood in the counter, near the speaker and handed over the pp.

    VO: So you are traveling to xx location?

    Me: Yes

    VO: what is the purpose of your travel?

    Me: I am actually a process consultant with xx company and I have been invited by my client to be part of the meetings with their process owners and get understanding of the processes they follow. So I can come back and help the delivery teams to work as per the process controls. [[I had been rehearsing for this qn 'n' of times, and still don't remember what exactly i spoke during this qn. All i could recollect are what I have given above. I was planning to specify my company name, total yrs of exp, why i am only the one, etc. to this answer )

    VO: Travel duration?

    Me: 3 weeks

    VO: How long are you working with the current company?

    Me: 10yrs and 2 months

    VO: Wow!!! Okiee. Total years of exp.?

    Me: 13 years and 2 months

    VO: Your designation and salary?

    Me: told the designation and the CTC

    VO: and your CTC is?

    Me: Repeated the CTC again.

    VO: Your client name, where you are traveling to?

    Me: (Started to tell my client director name, then realised he could be asking the company name...) Are you asking the client i.e. the company name?

    VO: He gave a puzzled look at me and nodded yes

    Me: xxx company

    VO: Your visa is approved (handed over a green color paper to me) and happy travel.

    Me: Thank you so much (and ran off from the counter taking all the documents in hand).

    I was not asked for any documents to verify. He did not seem to check the documents for the guy who attended before me. Just few qns to assess if you are really eligible to travel on a business visa. In my case, the experience, role (being non-technical), decent enough CTC helped, I guess.

    Thank you libra14 for the wishes and positivity.

    I find this site is very useful and I am sure that most of the other users will have same opinion.

    Let's spread positivity and support each other.

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  • Libra_14
    I am not sure how important that role is, but if you can prepare good answer around the questions (specially Why you only & why not anyone else?), you should be good to get the visa.

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  • Gayathriv85
    Thank you Libra_14 for the positivity and wishes.

    My designation is Compliance Lead and I am associated with my current organization for 10+ years. I am the only compliance expert in my current project.

    Fingers crossed and hoping for the best!!

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  • Libra_14
    Stay confident & appear for the interview - Best of luck !!

    Things you mentioned seems good, but there are various other things also considered while approving your visa.

    What is your designation?
    How long you are working for this company?
    Why you only & why not anyone else?
    Why visit is required, why it can't be done over webex/VC/phone?
    Your marital status as single, could cause an issue, but your designation, role, salary would help.

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  • Gayathriv85
    started a topic US Business Visa - My first ever Visa application

    US Business Visa - My first ever Visa application

    Dear all,

    I have applied for US BV and my PAI is scheduled for 19th Feb. I work in reputed MNC IT company and going to US to meet customers to understand their processes.

    Planned duration - 3 weeks
    Age - 34 yrs, Single.
    Exp. - 13 yrs
    I am a process and compliance expert. I have to go meet my customers, understand their processes and agree on how their processes can be applied for the current project. So once I come back, I can follow the approach.

    I have got invite letter from my employer and all the expenses will be born by the employer. Awaiting client invite letter as well.

    Please let me know if my case would be approved. I am just little panicking since this is my first ever visa application.

    Thanks & Regards.