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B1 Visa Denied For Conference

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  • B1 Visa Denied For Conference

    Hello everyone,,
    Today, my visa application for a B1 visa to the US was refused. The reason given was section 214 (b) of the US Immigration Act. I want your advise on what needs to change in future applications (obviously not this year, but in the 2018). Following is the transcript of my interview:

    Q: What's your purpose for visiting the U.S?
    A: To attend the Adobe Max Creative Conference. You can see the letter of invitation Adobe sent me in those documents (my documents were with the interviewer). https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/ https://wordtopdf.ltd/
    [Interviewer glances at invitation letter]

    Q: Where is it held?
    A: Las Vegas

    Q: Have you attended conferences like this before?
    A: No.

    Q: What's your age?
    A: 25 years

    Q: Where are you employed?
    A: I'm a freelance Graphic Programmer. I maintain an account at Upwork.com and also gets clients independently. I have presented my Upwork Certificate of Earning for your information.
    [I point to the certificate of earning. Officer looks at the document and mis-interprets that I'm working for Upwork]

    Q: I thought you said you don't work anywhere?
    A: No, I don't. I'm paid as an independent contractor.
    [Officer looks closely and agrees]

    Q: You got paid $10,000 last year?
    A: Through Upwork, yes. But I'm getting clients through GitHub and Twitter as well.

    Q: How long are you planning to stay in the US?
    A: 5 days. I have attached my hotel booking information and flight information.

    Q: Have you traveled to other countries before?
    A: No

    Q: This is your first time?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Are you married?
    A: No.

    Q: Thank you for applying. Your visa application has been rejected and here's a letter detailing the reason
    [hands-over letter with the 214 (b) section]

    Obviously marrying is out of the question. But other than that, anything else I can do to convince the officer that I don't plan to stay in the U.S.?
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    Basically you need to prove that you have strong ties to your home country & that you'll return after completing of the said visit. The onus is on you to prove that.

    Travel+stay+meal+conference expenses would be easily $3000+ in Las Vegas. Imagine you showing that you'll spend 30% of your yearly income in 5 days, doesn't make any sense.

    Having a permanent job with regular income, spouse/kids in home country, dependent parents, some property in your name in home country - these things prove that you still have ties to your home country & you'd return after the visit.

    Single, with no regular income are highly suspected to immigrate to USA & hence B visas are not issued.
    - I am not an Attorney, hence not giving any legal advice. Just sharing MY opinion with an intent to help others.

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