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B1 Visa questions and HELP!

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  • B1 Visa questions and HELP!

    Hello everyone,,

    Hoping to get some advice on a B1 VISA Application!

    I’m a professional Triathlete and have been spending more of my time in the USA over the last few years racing & training.
    I currently enter the USA under the Visa Waiver programme (British citizen) on a 90 day basis.

    I Have an appointment on Monday at the London embassy for a B1 visa however after doing some further research this might not be the best option (any advice would be great)https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/ https://wordtopdf.ltd/

    The plan is to be able to stay in the USA for over 90 days under the b1 visa as this covers amateur/professional athletes racing for prize money.

    I Also wanted to check if for any reason the visa is not accepted does this affect my ESTA as I’m heading back out on the 7th May and would ideally like to avoid any issues.

    Many thanks..
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    B-1 visa is a good choice for visits under 6 months, even for athletic training or competition. However, if the visa application is denied by the consulate, you might find it difficult to renew your ESTA in the future because sometimes ESTA application online asks if you ever had a visa denied or revoked and will refer you to consulate for visa application if you say yes to that question.