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Leaving USA while I-539 Extension application is pending?

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  • Leaving USA while I-539 Extension application is pending?

    As both the USA and India had suspended international flight operations since March 2020 to combat this global pandemic, I have applied I539 for extending my B1 visa on 21 April 2020. My original I-94 at the Port of Entry expired on May 8th 2020. I have not heard about any updates regarding the case. It is still pending. In the meantime, if I will return back to India on while my extension application is pending.
    What is the procedure that needs to be followed in this scenario? What will happen to my visa? would it be valid for me to visit us again in the future?

    Any information is greatly appreciated.usps tracking showbox speed test
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    You can leave USA & you won't have any problem, if your extension is approved. You just need to carry that approval notice upon your next visit to USA, proving that you did not overstayed or unauthorized stay.

    Your visa will still be valid.

    However if your extension is denied, you might want to talk to an attorney, before returning next time.
    - I am not an Attorney, hence not giving any legal advice. Just sharing MY opinion with an intent to help others.

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      Your visa will not be affected as long as you leave the US before a decision is made. Bring the I-539 receipt, and any future notices of any decision, with you the next time you come to the US, to prove that you left while it was pending.

      This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.