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How to fill BI visa form

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  • How to fill BI visa form


    Am new here. Please i need help on how to fill my form in a right way. Have gotten a visa invitation to attend a conference in the state.

    So my question

    1. Is it the person that send me the invitation that am going to us as my contact person in US or i should use the name of the organisation?
    2. Have applied for student visa in 2007 and i was denied, i used my sister that is in the state as my contact person in US. So should i maintain my sister as my contact person , though am not going to see her or should i just use the person that sent me the invitation as my contact person in the state.
    https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/
    3. Should i mention my sister as my relation that i have there or i should say no in the field?

    I will appreciate your swift response

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    1. Surname (Family Name) Write your name as indicated on your passport (Please do not add the words “married name” and the name of your husband)!
    2. Surname at birth (Former Family Name)
    3. First Name(s).
    4. Date of Birth.
    5. Place of Birth.
    6. Country of Birth.
    7. Current Nationality.
    8. Gender.

    official site
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