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US Citizenship processing time in Queens NY office

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  • US Citizenship processing time in Queens NY office

    Has anyone received interview notice from Queens NY office in 2016? My case was filed on June 8th, finger print was on June 30th. The processing time on USCIS website showing June 5rd based on Dec.2015 data. I haven't heard anything for my case. Wondering how long will it take for them to process cases for 3 days period.

    Anyone can share their N400 experience with Queens NY local office? Thanks.

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    N400 is pending scheduling

    I was able to submit an online inquiry for my N-400. It gives back the reply as: Your N-400 is currently at our National Benefits Center and that it is pending scheduling. Once a date becomes available, you'll be sent an appointment notice informing you of the date, time and location of your interview. We're unable to provide you with a completion date at this time.

    Does anyone know what pending scheduling means? How long will I be able to receive the interview notice? Thanks.