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Naturalization test - questions with multiple answers (and no "name one" etc.)

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  • Naturalization test - questions with multiple answers (and no "name one" etc.)

    For Naturalization test questions with a list of answers and no "name one", "name two" etc. requirement, am I supposed to give the entire list, or is just one given item considered correct?

    For some of these, all of the answers in the list appear very similar (e.g. for #8 "What did the Declaration of Independence do?") - but then there are others where difference in two or more of the items feels large enough that I wonder if I'm expected to give the whole list (e.g. for #37, "What does the Judicial Branch do?" - "reviews laws" is a very different thing to "resolves disputes").

    I've Googled a bit and found conflicting opinions from people (difficult thing to search for, though!), so was hoping for some real-world experiences here - or perhaps I've managed to miss something on the uscis website where it tells me for sure.


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    i believe you only need one answer unless the questions specifically states otherwise but you can memorize at least two to be on the safer side


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      You are required to state one answer except the questions that are specific with respect to the number of answers. For example:

      What are the two parties in the United States: Democratic & Republican