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  • No decision

    Has anyone had the "Can't make a decision yet" and get denied or they normally deny you during the interview.

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    Got “can’t make decision yet” when i was interviewed a few years back. Just be positive! If you answered all the questions and provided the docs they asked for, you’ll be okay. For now it is a waiting game. It took about a week or two when i heard from them. Best wishes to you! Own it!=)


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      I just had my interview exactly 2 weeks ago and the IO couldn't make any decisions yet. I spoke with an immigration lawyer before my interview and he told me not to worry if they say that. It only means that the IO is not authorized to approve any applications. He also said that they normally wouldn't deny your application, if they need an additional information they will send you a letter.


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        My wife got a 'no deicision yet' at the interview, two days later we received (via-email/text) an approval for her application for naturalisation. The issue was her middle name was not added in the application paperwork.