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Santa Ana, CA N-400 approved no oath date

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  • Santa Ana, CA N-400 approved no oath date

    Application n-400 received: 10/18/2018
    Biometrics appointment: 11/09/2018
    Interview appointment: 10/07/2019
    Online Status: We approved your application 10/10/2019

    After the interview on 10/07/2019 the IO mentioned that I passed the English and history test but he will not be able to recommend me for approval at this moment, he handed me a Form N-652 "A decision cannot be made yet about your application" "USCIS will send you a written decision about your application" he also mentioned that everything looks fine and I should receive news shortly, he even mentioned that an oath ceremony is scheduled on 10/23 and if everything go through fine there is chance I could attend it.
    My status online changed on 10/10 to "We approved your application"
    I'm kind of concerned because I know the oath ceremony in Santa Ana, CA is usually scheduled very quickly after the approval, well it's been over a week and no news, There are some stories on the forum about people receiving the letter via mail after the actual date of the ceremony, with no online updates.
    Do you know whether is any way to contact USCIS to confirm if my approval is scheduled for the ceremony on the 23rd? I do not want to take any chances of missing the ceremony due to an error.

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

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    Receiving the letter for the Oath too late is very rare (although it DID happen today)
    I think that was just an exception to the rule.
    BTW all three posts were from the same person who probably didn't realize that the moderators needed to approve his/her first post.
    That was NOT three separate people with the SAME issue.

    Many people wait a few weeks or even a couple of months after the interview to get their Oath Ceremony.
    I think your best course of action is to patiently wait for a couple of weeks to be notified for the Oath Ceremony and hope it comes in sooner.
    Ceremonies are scheduled fairly regularly.. if you don't make it for the one on 10/23 there will be more later.
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      I had my interview on 09/09/19, everything went well and the officer recommended me for approval. 2 Hours later, my online page got updated as:

      We approved your application

      Your final step to becoming a citizen is to attend your naturalization ceremony

      We will mail you a letter when we schedule your naturalization ceremony.

      It is about 45 days now i have not heard anything from them, is it normal? Please could someone advise me on this? The office location is El Paso TX


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        Today October 25th, the online status changed to: "We scheduled your naturalization ceremony"
        The PDF document isn't uploaded yet.


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            Oath Letter received online today 10/28
            Ceremony date November 13th in Anaheim, CA.