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Info on C1D options

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  • Info on C1D options

    Hello, i go by the fact that there are no stupid questions so please bear with me for just awhile.

    The story is next, first i'm from Serbia, i got a job on Princess Cruises threw some agency here in Belgrade, job is in bar department and they said it could take awhile before i board but still i didn't expect to wait over a year. I have C1D visa, but i still didn't get a call, and from the agency here in Belgrade i got that there is a job freeze right now in bar department.. whatever that is. It wasn't cheap to get all the papers, plus agency fee's, for economic status here it took me quite awhile to earn that money.

    My question is do i have any other options other then waiting for Princess to contact the agency in Italy to contact the agency in Serbia to contact me. Can i find some other job on some other ship and still go with the visa i got thanks to the letter of recommendation from Princess... ?

    I got sick from contacting agencies, so i want to try to contact some employer directly...

    Thank you for reading and any answer is welcome.

    p.s. It goes without a saying that i love my country, i want to come back on semi regular basis once a year at least my plans don't really involve staying in the US i just want to earn some let's say normal wage...

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    You must search anew job how much time will you wait for him.