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C1/D Visa + Company Change

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  • C1/D Visa + Company Change

    Hi there.

    I applied for the C1/D in December to join NCl.
    By the 1st week of january I have received an offer from Carnival.
    Does anyone knows if I can use my C1/D issued for NCL to travel as a crewmember for Carnival?

    Any answer will be greatly appreciated

    Best Regards

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    Change employer C1D Visa

    I'm in the same situation but cant find answers anywhere.

    I applied for C1D Visa few year back and did a 1 contract for RCCL.
    THe C1 D Visa has Royal Caribbean printed at the bottom.
    It is still valid.

    NOW, i have not been off ships for a good 3-4 years, back in my home country.
    I have received an offer from NCL
    My question too... Do i need to apply for a fresh brand new C1D Visa OR do you use your old C1D Visa ? What happens ?
    My thinking is you need to apply fresh because the old Visa has RCCL printed on it...

    Does anyone out there know a concrete answer for this?
    I cant find anything anywhere and getting help from the US Embassy is like trying to break into Fort Knoxs!