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Re entery in usa for gc holder sick spouse

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  • Re entery in usa for gc holder sick spouse

    hi ,
    Me and my son is having US citizenship and my spouse was having GC .January 28th 2016 my spouse went to India because his father passed away.He was sick & hospitalized in USA in moth of DEC 15 and having history of mental illnesses .he was keep getting sick in India and not able to return to US on time(by january 2017) alone by himself . he is in hospital right now.he is having(got) GC since 2001 and he never came late to to USA or never applied any reentry visa to come to USA ,I want him to back to USA Please advise? is he is still eligible to come to USA on his same GC which is expiring in 2022?He was always good and lawful GC person who was working as a software engr since 1998 and paid his taxes on time and no unemployment or any other benefit from GOV yet. PLease help URGENTELY.
    thanks anknis