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How many times to have C1 visa?

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  • How many times to have C1 visa?


    I am a French guy who is stuck in Sri Lanka because I did not know I needed transit Visa to go in South America.

    I already miss my first flight and I am waiting in one guesthouse to have my C1 visa granted.

    The first one was made the 6 February and I made an another one (because no reply and I was hurry) the 8 February.

    The problem is also my bank card was stolen in hostel one week ago. So I just have some cash.

    Anyway, I need every information I can get about the reason why is so long. I mean I traveled in so many country and even a one year visa in Australia or New Zealand was quicker.

    Please can you tell me you many times I have to wait? What is your experience?

    Thank you

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    around 2 weeks


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      If all goes well, then somewhere around two weeks.


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        Confirmation page of form DS-160.
        Valid passport.
        One passport size photo for each visa applicant, including infants (see the “Photo Requirements” webpage)
        A copy of your itinerary/reservations showing your need to transit the United States.


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          With a C-1/D visa, a maximum stay in the United States of up to 180 days per entry is permitted; either several times or in a single block. Note: The exception to this rule is crew members of ships. They have to leave the United States with their ship after 29 days at the latest.

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