I am concern about my visa application.
My C1/D Us visa was approved and was issued May 9, 2019.
but i took my US Visa Interview when i was applying on my last Agency (agency1), but i already pulled out my papers/ documents and i decided to transfer and pursue my application here at my agency2

I visited my first Agency 1 because i pulled out my paper/documents but when i asked someone if i can still use my C1D visa she told me that they are going to cancel my visa since they are the one who process it but i'm the one who paid for my C1 d Visa.

Is it really possible that they can cancel my C1 D/ us visa since i'm the one who paid for it and its already approved by the US EMBASSY?
And i have my passport with my C1/D Us Visa on it

Anyone please i need your advise and answer/