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Renewal of passport that contains C1-D Visa

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  • Renewal of passport that contains C1-D Visa

    Hello everyone,,
    My passport has expired and i need to renew it however it contains a valid C1-D Visa, so my question is - will the passport office put the visa into my new passport or will i get the old one back which i can take with me along with the new one.100001.onl/ 1921681254.mx/ acc.onl/hotmail


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    Pay the non-refundable MRV fee online;
    Schedule an interview appointment with a consular office;
    Attend your interview appointment and bring all pertinent documentation: ...
    If approved, the visa is issued within two or three working days, and the passport is forwarded to DHL.


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      When passports are renewed, only the bio & blank pages are cancelled.
      All visas are left as is and the old passport is returned to you
      When traveling in the future, you can carry the old and new one.
      Opinion only. Cannot be construed as legal advice.