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I-95 Landing Permit

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  • I-95 Landing Permit

    Hello Guys.
    I have a customer who has a I-95 landing Permit not I-94. Class of admission is called DXR.(Does anyone knows what DXR Mean?) He used to be a Crewman on a ship. He stayed in US and got married to US Citizen and asking me to file I-130, I485 for him. In those forms we should fill out details about I-94. my question is if i can use I-95 information instead of I-94. as i have searched those should be same. Thanks in Advance

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    Someone who was admitted as a crewman is not allowed to do Adjustment of Status. See 7 USCIS-PM B.7(A). So he would have to leave the US and do Consular Processing abroad. He would need to consider if he would trigger an unlawful presence ban upon leaving the US -- if he has accrued 180 days of unlawful presence and leave the US, he triggers a 3-year ban; if he has accrued 1 year of unlawful presence and leave the US, he triggers a 10-year ban. If he would trigger a ban upon leaving, he should consider the possibility of a waiver. He can file I-601A for a provisional waiver, and get the results, before leaving the US.

    This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.


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