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J2 EAD renewal Potomac center

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  • J2 EAD renewal Potomac center


    I'm here to get updates on J2 EAD renewals this year. Here is my case:

    Potomac service center
    Received date: March 5, 2020
    RFE received for a marriage certificate: June 10, 2020
    (Strange, It was never requested for my earlier applications.)
    Response to RFE received by USCIS: June 24, 2020

    Since then no update. The normal processing time at Potomac center is 5 months so USCIS not accepting expedite requests.

    Any updates from your experience will help me.

    Thank you

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    Hi. I had a similar experience

    Potomac service center
    Received date: March 24, 2020
    RFE received for a marriage certificate
    (Never requested in any of my previous 5 EAD renewals)
    Response to RFE received by USCIS: June 19, 2020

    Still waiting for an approval. I could not expedite as they said it is within normal processing times.

    My current EAD expired June 30, 2020. I could not work for the past 3 weeks.

    Please let me know if you have any updates


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      Hi, any update on your case?

      Potomac service center
      Received date: June 29, 2020

      Its been only a month and am not expecting any movement in my case. Just curious to know about your status.



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        No updates so far ...! Current EAD has expired on 07/31. I requested to expedite the case on job loss basis but it was denied.


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          Hello, I have applied for J2 EAD renewal on July 1 and waiting for any update as well. I read both your comments and looks like a marriage certificate is essential to submit. Which address do we mail the document? Is it the same as the address where we send the application? and any other details required to be attached?
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            Hi, Looks like the applications filed in the start of June are seeing some movement. Any updates on your case?


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              Hi, any progress on either of your cases? is j2 category eligible for any sort of premium proccessing? itronic time2rise


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                jry No update, still waiting for approval to happen. Premium processing? never heard of it before. Plz keep us posted if you get any info on premium processing for J2.


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                  Here is the final update of my case:

                  08/18/2020 Card delivered
                  08/15/2020 Card was mailed
                  08/10/2020 Case was approved
                  08/07/2020 New card is being produced
                  03/05/2020 Case received


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                    Congrats time2rise


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                      jry any update on ur case?


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                        itronic Nope, I am still waiting. They have started working on cases from my "received date" only since the last 3 days and seem to not touch those that are in "RFE received" yet. I thought mailing the docs proactively will help pick my case sooner! What about you?

                        time2rise Congratulations!


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                          jry I got my EAD approved here is the timeline

                          06/29 - USCIS received my application
                          09/03 - Card ordered for production
                          09/09 - Case approved
                          09/10 - Card mailed to me

                          Waiting for my EAD card to be delivered.

                          Any update on your case?


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                            Thanks for the step by step tutorial your texas benefits.


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                              Thanks for the clarification. hellodear.in

                              Regards, teatv
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