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Pathway to Greencard with J1 (2 year residency applying)

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  • Pathway to Greencard with J1 (2 year residency applying)

    I an a physician from India (MBBS). I've been on an informatics (research) fellowship (Postdoctoral) in the US. Its been almost 3.5 years with a year and a half left until my 5 year J1 visa expires. I've read more than enough that the Indian govt has always refused giving J1 2 year residency waiver or NORI to physicians even after proving non clinical work and having gone without US or India funding.

    My question is: What is my pathway to immigration to US? My university is might offer me an O-1 visa after my J1 ends. Which indeed would allow me to come back after getting restamped.

    - In that case, would I be able to apply for a greencard without having a J1 waiver?

    - Are there other pathways possible? Like going from J1 to direclty applying for Greencard under EB1 with National Interest Waiver or something?

    I am a little worried at this point, the only examples I have for MBBS J1 research candidates is that they go for medical training residency, change status from J1 research to clinical and eventually serve in a remote area to waive the 2 year requirement. Since this option is not for me, what else could be possibilities?

    appreciate the help