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Question about fianc? visa process and being out of the country

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  • Question about fianc? visa process and being out of the country

    I applied for a fianc? visa in February of 2019 and have since gotten confirmation that my initial application was received on 2-11-19 and forwarded to another office for review.

    Based on research, it takes about 9 months to get a visa approved on average. I was wondering if there is anything against me leaving the country and going and spending a few months with my fianc?e before she gets approved to come to the United States? I would most likely go around August (will have been about 7 months since application for the visa) and would plan to be there for a few months with my fianc?e, waiting for the visa process to be finalized.

    I know there is an income requirement and that is where my concern comes from. It is my understanding that this based on my last tax returns. I make well above the required amount (additionally by August, I will have made more than four times the required income). If I leave my current employer in order to be with my fianc? for a few months, and therefore am not employed when I leave but still have made well above the required income, would I still be eligible to meet the income requirement given my history of income over the last few years?

    Thank you so much.

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    I wouldn?t suggest leaving your country because when they check your status at the US port of entry and they see that you have a visa pending then it might be a problem. As long as your visa is not approved I would recommend not traveling to the states. When I was waiting for my K1, my fianc? was visiting me.
    Good luck


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      My fianc? is the one waiting for her visa. I am a US citizen and so I would like to go to her country and wait for a few months for her visa to be approved. Would this be ok even with the income check?