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Got my interview for green card after 3 months from filing, but my case still pending

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  • Got my interview for green card after 3 months from filing, but my case still pending

    Hi, I'm new here and want to share my experience with my immigration status based on marriage.

    so I got married inside the US in Georgia.

    all the process happening in Atlanta GA.

    in the beginning, after my lawyer checked with me that all my docs are correct -
    after around 3 weeks I guess I had a credit card problem to pay for my documents,
    they send me back all of it with a note that there was a "credit card failure" so I fixed that and send it back.

    so, if after you send the USCIS you get all the documents and on the docs, its state " credit card failure" don't freak out.

    it's ok but fix it and send it back as soon as possible.

    ***if you don't want your case will have this delay: double check with your lawyer on how she attends to pay the USCIS because I understood they changed the way you pay for the filing fee.***

    timeline :
    - 27 of February: I was filed.
    - April: I got my biometric test.
    - June 6: I got the letter state I have on July 7 my interview.


    my interview scheduled after just 3 months, which is a good thing from what I understand.
    I understand it's very fast but the thing is after I called the USCIS I realized my i-485 is still pending, as well the i - 131.

    what does it mean about me EAD card? because they told me even if I have the interview schedule doesn't mean I'll get my green card after that because my case still pending.

    but what about the EAD card can you get it if your case still pending?

    important note about the biometric appointment:

    *you can change your biometric appointment through the phone*, you don't have to go there to do it.

    it doesn't state in on your letter for your biometric appointment,

    you can change it (ideally don't do it) but for example, I went to California for vacation and thought I need to go to the office but I called them and I changed it through the phone.

    ** don't forget to change before the date of the appointment - don't wait after and change it, since it can make some problems.**

    I promise to update more.

    thanks guys!

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