My [M24] fiancé [F25] and I are applying for a K-1 in order for me to move to the United States. I currently live in Wales, United Kingdom having graduated with a History and Politics degree. My fiancé is a Registered Nurse (RN) and in the future plans to return to university for her Nurse Practitioner (NP). My current plan on arrival is to work for my fiance's friend whilst getting certified as a Personal Trainer (PT) and moving onto an open degree in Nutrition.

I was hoping there would be someone on this thread who has experience with the K1 to the US. What to expect, processing times, level of difficulty - amongst other things.

I have no prior experience with this except for working at a summer camp the last two years where I worked on a J-1.

Any and all replies are welcomed and would be helpful. Thank you in advance.usps trackingshowbox[/url]speed test