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Working online in Australia whilst in USA on K-1 Visa?

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  • Working online in Australia whilst in USA on K-1 Visa?

    G’day everyone,

    I have searched the forums but cannot find a similar question. I have quite a high paying online job in Australia for an Australian company. I will be headed to the USA soon to marry my fiancé and still am unsure if I can remain working for this company before omegle xender getting my EAD. I skimmed through the legislation but cannot find an answer there either. Anyone have any expertises or opinions?

    Best wishes.

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    EAD is to work for a company in the USA.
    If you plan on continuing to work for the Aussie company from the US, you need to make sure what obligations you need to fulfill for Australia (payroll taxes, etc.)
    Once you live past 6 months in the US, your foreign earned income (regardless of whether the Aussie company pays you in local currency and deposits in your foreign account OR you receive it in US$ in a US bank is subject to tax).
    The US taxes apply to worldwide income. And you will be considered a "Resident" for tax purposes (as soon as you get your greencard or have lived in the US for 6 months). Only certain NIVs are exempt (example: Students who file a NR tax form)
    Opinion only. Cannot be construed as legal advice.