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What medical conditions / disabilities will get your visa denied?

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  • What medical conditions / disabilities will get your visa denied?

    I am quite confused on what medical conditions or disabilities will get your visa denied (even if it's a K1 Visa).

    Past physical or mental disorders, with associated harmful behavior that is likely to recur or lead to other harmful behavior.Harmful behavior is defined as behavior that may pose, or has posed, a threat to the property, safety, or welfare of the alien or others
    For example what is a dangerous physical disorder? What kind of physical disabilities will get you denied your K1 visa? What physical disabilities do they exactly mean?

    Or what about this:

    Harmful behavior includes attempted suicide or self-harm, no matter how minor in nature.
    What if the last time you self-harmed yourself was a decade ago and you've still got scars but there's no police record or anything?

    Thank you

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    If the cost of a disability or medical condition is judged by a Medical Officer of the ... all other family members will also have their visa rejected.
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      Those are pretty similar questions. They key is to be truthful when asked about these kind of things. Maybe you should consult a licenced attorney about this.
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