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  • Question about K1


    Hope everyone is doing safe and healthy.

    I wanted to ask a few questions.

    1. If I want my fiance to come the states as soon as possible, which one should I apply for Fiance Visa (K1) or get married and apply for a Spouse visa?

    2. What the usual processing time for Fiance Visa? Some local consultant told me it wont take more than a couple of months as the status is current for this type of visa, everywhere online it states minimum 6 months. Confused. Please help. https://www.artfire.com/ext/people/blenderdownload

    3. Where do you check the bulletin for K1 visas?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    1. I believe K1 should be faster.
    2. Not sure what the usual duration is. I read somewhere it should be 4~7 month. But I think because of the pandemic, it has slowed down significantly. I applied for my fiancé late Marth 2020. Didn't hear back till late Nov 2020 that my case was sent to NVC. No news right now...
    3. Not sure about this question.


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      K-1s are not on the visa bulletin because there is no cap on green cards for immediate relatives of US citizens and a K-1 is for fiances to come to the US to marry US citizens and file for a green card as an immediate relative (spouse).

      You can check processing times here: https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/

      The form is I-129F. The office depends on where you live.
      2/20: Received at Chicago lockbox
      4/04: We reviewed your biometrics and are processing your case (I-765 & I-485)
      4/18: Ready to be scheduled for an interview (No notification, not updated on either site until Aug 27)
      4/19: Request to expedite EAD
      5/11: Received EAD
      6/26: Applied for Advance Parole
      8/09: Advance Parole approved
      8/29: Scheduled for Interview
      10/11: Interview
      10/12: RFE on I-130 (misplaced G28)
      10/16: Sent new G28
      10/19: Approved!