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I-94 expired. Please help

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  • I-94 expired. Please help


    I need some advice on my situation

    -My I-797 approval notice is valid until Nov 2006

    -I sent my passport to St.Louis for visa revalidation
    in Mar 2004 and got my visa stamped until Apr 2005.

    -I travelled to India in Jun 2004. While entering the
    U.S in Jul 2004, the INS officer stamped my I-94
    expiration date as Jul 5, 2005 as my passport expires
    on Jul 5, 2005.

    -I have renewed my passport in Mar 2005.

    -But my I-94 expired on Jul 5th, 2005.

    My company lawyers said that I need to file a H1
    extension but the chances of approval are very slim
    and I have to travel to my home country ASAP. I am not
    sure about what I should do. I am trying to see if the
    situation can be rectified without me having to travel
    outside the U.S. I am really worried and would very
    much appreciate your opinion and advice on this issue.