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H1 B Visa Exemption

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  • H1 B Visa Exemption


    I had a H1B petition (stamped Visa as well) which expired on September 2011. I never enter to US on this visa. I had below question

    1) I am stil with same employer. Can the employer reapply my H1B visa under Cap exempt category.
    2) If yes, then till when i can apply for the visa under exepmt category as its always been one year since my H1B expired.
    3) How many days will it take to get an approved petition & what are the chances to get it approved.
    4) If i get the petition then my three year will start the day i will get my new petition.
    5) How about visa stamping,Is there some chances of visa getting rejected as Visa Officer might asked that why i did not use my previous H1 Visa

    A response on this will be highly appreciated.


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    You can't apply under cap exempt category.
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