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Reinstating H1B petition

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  • Reinstating H1B petition

    My husband did his Masters in US 2007-10 and started working in March 2010, initially he was working with OPT and later the company applied for his H1B in the month of October '10, the petition was approved by December '10. We decided to move back to India in 2011. My husband resigned his job in US and we shifted back to India in Jan 2012. We now want to go back and the same company he used to work in US has offered him to come back and they have started the paper work now, since my husband has used only 13 months out of 6 yrs of H1B and he is Cap-exempt. Can you please let us know how long it'll take for the new petition to approve. It has already been 3 weeks since the petition was filed. We have not got our passport stamped. So, it'll be great if you can let us know the time frame of the entire process.

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    It is just like any other petition. 15 days in premium, 2 to 3 months in regular processing.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.