What documents do we need to take for H1-B visa (extension) stamping? Here's my list so far:
1. DS-160 confirmation page
2. Appointment confirmation
3. I-797C (does it matter if I take A or C? my employer just gave me C)
4. Passport

Supporting documents:
1. H1-B petition - I-129, supplement H, G-28 and LCA
2. Graduate degree certificate and transcripts.
3. Undergraduate degree certificate and transcripts. (would I need marksheets?)
3. W-2 (all)
4. Tax returns (all)
5. Pay stubs for the last 1 year
6. Bank statements for the last 1 year
7. Previous I-797 approval notice

Am I missing anything? any other document you would recommend? I am working directly for the sponsoring employer and have been working for the same employer for the last 4 years in a non IT function directly related to my graduate degree.

Appreciate your inputs.

Thank you,