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H4 Visa Stamping in Canada

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  • H4 Visa Stamping in Canada

    My wife has her visa stamp valid till Sep 2005. My 6 year of H1 expires on Aug 2006. I want to get her passport visa-stamped in Canada (pref. Toronto).

    1. Can I get her stamped months/weeks before visa expiry (Sep2005) so that if she gets rejected by any chance, she still can re-enter US?

    2. What is the official "buffer" period before the visa expiry, when H1/H4 can go for a passport-visa extension?

    3. Being a Bangladeshi male, if I go for visa stamping, might there be any security clearance as such? If there are any BANGLADESHI H1 VISA MALE, who recently had his visa stamped from Canada, can you please share your experience?

    4. Would Montréal be a better choice or it does not make any difference?