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About H1b Status

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  • immihelp
    1. No. She is not H1 currently. Therefore, H1 transfer is not applicable. She has to go for fresh H1, subject to cap.
    2. Read #1.
    3. That depends upon the LCA duration of the sponsor employer.

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  • srivanth
    started a topic About H1b Status

    About H1b Status

    My friend has got her H1b in Oct 2008. As she did not get a project she changed her status to H4. till date(i.e 2012 means almost 4 years and she do not have any payslips ) she is on h4 status. Now she
    wants to try for a job. Incase if she gets a job
    1. Is it possible for her to apply for H1B transfer. what is the % of success of approval?
    2. Some of consultancies are saying that it is good for her to apply a new H1b? why
    3. how many years her H1b visa is valid?

    Thanks in advance