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two H1 transfers and Visa stamping

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  • two H1 transfers and Visa stamping

    Hi, Here is my scinario. I worked for H1B with company A until August 17 gave resignation notice of two weeks. I got two offers from Company B (on contractual basis) and Company C (full time). Both the companies applied for H1B. I got first approaval for company B So I joined them. worked for 4 weeks starting from Aug 27 to Sep 21. They pay monthly so they generated pay slip for me on Aug 14 for my work from Aug 27 to 31 but they did not paid me. Unfortunate that my wife had serious health problems so I came back to India on Sep 27.
    1. I don't want to re-join company B. Can I join Company C?
    2. My H1b Visa is there until Dec 31 2012. want to take visa interview in consulate on company C I797 application form, do I need to mention company B job details?

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    1. Yes.
    2. Yes.
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