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H1 & H4 changing interview post

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  • H1 & H4 changing interview post

    Hi All,

    I am planning to go for visa stamping for me (after transfer and extension) and family(first time H4). My family stays in Kerala. When filling DS 160 I put Kerala address so the default post of interview becomes Chennai. The current interview procedure requires one to visit the interview place twice, for finger printing and interview. I did not know this while filling DS -160, I have a house in Pune so it is convenient for us to stay in Pune and do the process at Mumbai.

    now my questions are :

    1) Can I select the interview post as Mumbai keeping the same DS-160 with Kerala Address.

    2) In that case can I just update address in cgifederal website to Pune address ?

    3) Is there any potential problem for my family as their passport address is Kerala' ?

    Also I already paid the visa fees through IMPS, and will it be affected in anyway If I Edit my profile details including the DS-160 (in case if I fill a new one) number?
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    H1 & H4 changing interview post

    You can choose Mumbai .. When you are checking for interview dates there will be a drop down to choose the counslates .. The address doesnt matter .. U have the right to choose your Counslate