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Can I travel abroad if my H1 is revoked?

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  • Can I travel abroad if my H1 is revoked?


    I came to US on July 2012 on H1B and I recently shifted to a new organization who filed a new Petetion(Transfer) on me, it was approved and I am working for my new employer now, I have new I797 and I94. My previous employer revoked my H1 petetion which he filed as I shifted to a new Employer upto my knwledge thats not a problem as a I already have my new petetion approved, My question is I am planning a visit to Canada for this new year and I am worried if I need to go for Visa stamping again as I am leaving US and will be entering US again, from my research I understood that it's fine to have a new Petetion and valid visa to enter US again but as my old petetion was revoked wil that be a problem to go abroad and come into US

    Your help is really appreciated...

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    You are fine. No problem.
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      Can I travel abroad if my H1 is revoked?

      If your current H1B visa stamping in your passport is valid, then you are fine. Make sure to carry both old and current I-797 approval notice.