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H1B Stamping with DUI 221G

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  • H1B Stamping with DUI 221G

    I had to travel to attend my sisters marriage . I attended for visa interview on Dec 18th 2012 at Hyderabad consulate and got 221 G white slip saying under administrative Processing pending Medical Evaluation

    VO - What Happened in US.
    ME - I got DUI in May 2012
    VO - You Know You cannot travel outside the country with in One Year
    ME - I got permission from Court to travel Outside the Country
    VO - Did you pay all your court fines and finish Classes
    ME - Yes I paid all my Court Fines and finished my Classes.
    VO - Ok Good. I will come into those Documents
    VO - Where did you Graduate From ?
    ME - Straford University
    VO - Double Strike Man . Why did you transfer to that University.Did you Work on CPT and OPT
    Me - I worked only After My Graduation on OPT.
    VO - Ok . Gave me 221G White form for Medical Evaluation and asked me to Submit all the documents in a tabular form at OFC

    I finshed my panel Physician Report and I went to OFC today to submit my Documents and they told me to email [email protected] asking them what documents i need to submit . I emailed them and waiting for Reply.

    I do not know what to do ? Does Anyone have similar experiences With DUI . What is that I need to do right now ? Loose hopes on my H1B and search for new job here ?

    Please Let em know if any one was on similar situation .


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    Did you go through the new process wherer you need to take 2 appoinmenrs

    One for finger printing and one for actual visa ?


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      I am in similar situation, have you got your visa stamped?


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        Originally posted by h1bap View Post

        I am in similar situation, have you got your visa stamped?
        Any updates? did you get your visa stamped. what happend at the consuate ??