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H1-B Stamping at Hyderabad Consulate

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  • H1-B Stamping at Hyderabad Consulate


    I work in IT and have been living in US for last 6 years. I have completed 3 years of my H1-B for company A(I work fulltime ... no IT consulting...large global manufacturing company with branches all over the world) and got my H1-B visa renewed for the same company A for another 3 years.

    As I am working to the same employer I am qualified to drop my Visa documents through DropBox at Hyd consulate.

    My OFC appointment was scheduled on Dec 10th 2012... I went there and dropped all visa documents and Passport which were further sent to consulate by VFS.

    It's been 3 weeks and I haven't got any update from consulate. There was no case number or any tracking number provided to track my case. When I call the VFS call center they are saying your documents are with consulate and they have no further update from the consulate from Dec 10th.

    Did anyone run into the same situation?
    Can I request to get the documents back ... take a new appointment and go for visa interview this time in person?

    My vacation is over and I have to be back in US asap.

    Please advice.