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H1 Visa Extension Question-Urgent

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  • H1 Visa Extension Question-Urgent

    Can you advise me on this?
    I have travelled to US on BL1 visa on 22-Mar-2007. My company converted my visa from BL1 to H1 on 26-Jan-2010.
    I continued working in USA till 15-Oct-2011 and returned to India.
    While in India, compay applied for H1-Cap extension and we got extension till 14-Jan-2014.
    Now I am planning to travel USA on long term assignment (3 year) and my current extension is valid for one year.
    My question is:
    i) Since my visa was converted from BL1 to H1, can I get total of 6 years only on H1? OR will 6 year period will include my stay on BL1 and H1?
    ii) How do I get min 3 years of extension on my current visa?
    iii) What is the max extension I can get at this moment?

    Visa/Travel Details
    Visa Start End Location
    BL1 22-Mar-07 29-May-09 USA
    BL1 30-May-09 25-Jun-09 India
    BL1 26-Jun-09 25-Jan-10 USA
    H1-B 26-Jan-10 15-Oct-11 USA
    H1-B 15-Oct-11 Till Date India

    Please advise.