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    Hi - I was on an F1 visa while doing a Masters and then I went back to India. After 2 years I am back in the US on an H4 visa. I had a SSN when I was on the F1 visa and have not used it now since I was of the opinion that on the H4 visa you are not issued an SSN. I'd like to know if my old SSN can be used? I think the answer is "no" but I just want to find out for sure.

    Thanks a lot!

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    an SSN is your life in the US. visa does not matter. even if you come back to the Us after 6 years, and say you have defaulted on your payments, you wont be allowed to re-enter...as they can track you by your SSN issued back then....

    so...call the SSN office and ask them if you need a new SSN. if you pose a question like the one you have on this site, "H4 does not need an SSN"...they might just laugh at you....

    probably they still have your SSN valid....so call them ASAP and see what can be done abt it.